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Everything about economic issue or related to it. Just my point of view wheter it’s my opinion or based on theory. So Lets Discuss !

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Government Covid-19 Economic Policy

SMEs are one of the sectors affected by Covid-19. Unlike the 1998-1999 crisis when SMEs were the savior of the country’s economy at that time. Now many SMEs are negatively impacted by their cash flow, this is because during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were social restrictions that made buying and selling transactions go down. SMEs […]

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Yuval Noah Harari : Big Data and Knowledge Management

Yuval Noah Harari. Have you watched the Yuval Noah Harari Tedtalk session “Why fascism is so tempting? — and how your data could power it “. What do you think about his opinion? I assume this is an interesting topic, notably concerning the current conditions when the world turns into digital and online. *If you […]


Inflasi Stabil saat Kurs Rupiah Melemah

Beberapa bulan terakhir, saya baca berita mengenai nilai tukar rupiah yang terus melemah terhadap dollar. Saya iseng cek data inflasi eh kok malah stabil? Emang bisa ya, bukannya saat nilai tukar Rupiah melemah berarti itu inflasi?  Bagi masyarakat atau ibu-ibu seperti saya hehehehe kalau baca berita sekilas tentang melemahnya Rupiah, pikiran langsung berfokus pada inflasi, […]

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