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It’s all about what I learn from book, college and my experience. Knowledge is your asset to still alive and to make your own future

Knowledge People in Organization


I read the journal “IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER-CROSS CULTURAL LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP FROM PROJECT GLOBE” by JAVIDAN 2006. This journal gives me new insights about how leadership important in a cross-cultural organization, especially in a global company. Here is the summary : Global Leadership One of the critical success factors for large […]

Economic Knowledge


I write a summary about demand theory and elasticity based on Keat, P. and Phillip Young. 2008. Managerial Economics, 6th edition. Pearson (KY) e-book. Demand is one of the most important aspects of managerial economics on the firm since the business would not establish or survive if a sufficient demand for its product or service […]

Knowledge Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management for The Start-Up

Despite the fact that the organisational size and the revenue/profit of a startup is typically still small, it is argued that Knowledge Management is even urgently needed for rapid development of the startup. Due to scarcity of resources on a start-up, it is really important to leverage on knowledge and human capital through knowledge management […]

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