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Startup Layoff Percentage: Unveiling Trends and Insights

Startup Layoff phenomenon extends across diverse industries. The current business ecosystem is becoming more dynamic as more startups appear. Startups are the key draw for people pursuing professions due to their comparatively higher growth rates than those of more established businesses. But the adoption of daring ideas, rapid growth, and innovation are typically associated with […]

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Merging Datasets into One DataFrame with Concat in Python

Merging Datasets into One DataFrame with Concat in Python for Efficient Data Analysis. Merging several dataset files into one data frame is one of the challenges in the preparation process of data analysis. To meet stakeholder needs, data analysts will need to collect related data that may be sourced from multiple datasets. Then what if […]

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Menggabungkan dataset menjadi satu DataFrame dengan Concat Python

Menggabungkan beberapa file dataset menjadi satu DataFrame merupakan salah satu tantangan sdalam proses persiapan analisis data. Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan stakeholder, data analis akan membutuhkan dan mengumpulkan data terkait yang mungkin saja bersumber dari beberapa dataset. Lalu bagaimana jika data analis perlu menggabungkan beberapa dataset tersebut menjadi sebuah dataframe? Ada beberapa cara yang bisa dilakukan, baik […]

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