Decision Making and Negoitation Knowledge

Takeaways from the negotiation class and how It brings impact to my life

I get a lot of new insight from the negotiation class. The problem identification, the goals, and the control emotions are really needed to consider. The takeaways from the negotiation will bring a positive impact on my life. Here are my takeaways from the negotiation class during my MBA : Read : Negotiation Case – […]

Decision Making and Negoitation Knowledge

Negotiation Case – Multiple Party

Negotiation can occur in a variety of circumstances, including negotiations for more than 2 parties. In the working place, we often have to face the interests of many parties so that our tasks can be accomplished. Here an example from my analysis about how to deal with the negotiation in a project that involved 3 […]

Decision Making and Negoitation

Negotiation Case Analysis for SMEs

Negotiation is a new thing to learn for me and it’s important for my business or even for my life. On every level of business, we face different challenges in terms of business relationships with related parties. The Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) deal with any background and character the small vendor, medium-level marketing agency, […]

Decision Making and Negoitation Knowledge

Decision-Making Case for SMEs

The decision-Making analysis is one of my favorite topics in my MBA. This analysis applicable to SMEs relied on Kepner-Tregoe Approach as the basic rational process. First of all, I send my greeting to everyone. Hello 2021, I wish the world will heal immediately and our life full of joy and happiness. This January is […]

Economic Knowledge

Pricing Strategy Monopolistic and Oligopoly

I write a summary of market structure and how it affects the pricing and output strategy on the monopolistic and oligopoly market based on Keat, P., and Phillip Young. 2008. Managerial Economics, 6th edition. Pearson (KY) e-book. Monopolistic competition and oligopoly are considered “imperfect” competition because the company in these markets have the power to […]

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