Economic Knowledge

Government Covid-19 Economic Policy

SMEs are one of the sectors affected by Covid-19. Unlike the 1998-1999 crisis when SMEs were the savior of the country’s economy at that time. Now many SMEs are negatively impacted by their cash flow, this is because during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were social restrictions that made buying and selling transactions go down. SMEs […]

People in Organization

Power Play in Organization

  Power Play. I read the Harvard Business Review about the effective organization “Power Play” that write by Jeffrey Pfeffer and then here is my summary about it : Power Play by Jeffrey Pfeffer In real life, either in the business, or organization activity, we need the power to push any of our agenda. We […]

Life Marketing Management

Customer Lifetime Value : Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that monetizes service through both subscription and advertising from the monthly active user (non-premium membership). Here is my analysis of the total value of customer prediction to the company during the term of the business relationship. It can help to measure the future profit over […]

Marketing Management

Customer Experience and Privacy

Customer Experience drives profit or cost Customer Experience drives profit or cost Take a position: Customer experience drives revenue (increase revenue and reduce cost) or Customers experience only increase the cost Fulfill customer experience will increase revenue growth and reduce costs in the long run (cost efficiency). Increasing customer experience will acquire greater costs at […]

Knowledge Marketing Management

Gojek Singapore Marketing Case

Gojek Singapore. Market research take role in Gojek’s expansion plan to Singapore where customer behavior, cultural norms and economic characteristics may be different between Indonesia and Singapore. To expand its business in Singapore, Gojek must carry out market research to strengthen its business position and create the best business model to be applied in Singapore. […]

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