Twitter API : How to Apply for a Twitter Developer Account

Twitter API

Twitter API : How to Apply for a Twitter Developer Account

Twitter API. Twitter is a powerful tool for reaching nearly 238 million daily active users in one place. However, there are a few technical hurdles to clear before you can use Twitter and its best features. If you need access to the Twitter API but do not yet have an account, follow this guide to apply for a developer account and get access right away.

Apply Twitter Developer Account

To obtain a Twitter key, you should first apply for a Twitter developer account. Go to the Twitter developer console and and click “Sign Up”, please make sure you already sign in on your twitter account.

Twitter API

Then, fill out the form with your information.

Twitter API

You will be automatically directed to the developer portal if you complete the form, agree to the agreement policy, and confirm your email address. Please enter the name of your app or project and then click “Get Keys.”

Twitter API

Finally, you get the API key. Then, go to the dashboard to see your personal and project information.

The Twitter API utilization feature is available in the Developer portal dashboard. For the first time, you only have access to the essential level, which has limitations such as 500k tweets per month and 1 environment project. Upgrade your level access by selecting Twitter API v2 from the dashboard menu and then clicking Apply.

Elevated Twitter API v2

Following the submission of the basic information, please complete the intended use form in accordance with your Twitter API utilization plan. Actually, I forgot to screen capture the process of filling out all of these intended use forms. However, if you are unsure how to fill out this form, please refer to this blog post. His article was extremely beneficial to me during this process. Thank you Jean.

You now have access to an elevated level Twitter API and can scrape Twitter data for three environment projects totaling two million tweets per month. Please keep your Twitter API key private and do not share it with others. I hope you found this article useful in obtaining your Twitter API key.

Thank you for reading my post. Please do share with others and let me know your thought, comment with your opinion, or don’t hesitate to say “Hi”. 

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