Data Analyst, Financial Analyst & Business Strategy Consultant.

As a passionate enthusiast in Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Business Strategy, I am dedicated to exploring the power of data-driven insights and innovative strategies.

With certifications in Google data analytics and Python, my expertise in data analytics and advanced tools enriches decision-making through insights gleaned from extensive datasets. Possessing comprehensive proficiency in finance, business strategy, and data analytics, I hold a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship, backed by a strong accounting foundation.

My journey commenced as an external auditor at a prestigious Big 4 accounting firm, honing my analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail while conducting financial audits and ensuring regulatory compliance. I excelled in financial budgeting, project finance, and corporate finance analysis, optimizing financial performance through strategic decisions rooted in data analysis-driven insights.

Beyond the realm of finance, my capabilities shine as a trusted business strategy consultant, shaping growth strategies by identifying market opportunities and trends. Evidenced by my internationally recognized published work, my commitment to research and business strategy remains unwavering.


A Glimpse into My Works

Python Interactive Dashboard

Startup Layoff Percentage: Unveiling Trends And Insights

Uncovering Trends and Insights: Exploring Startup Layoff Percentages with Interactive Dashboards Using Python and Tableau.

To access further details, please click here.

Taylor Swift’s Music: Enhancing Your Mood?

Analyzing and Visualizing Taylor Swift’s Music Impact on Mood: A Deep Dive Using R Language and Tableau

To access further details, please click here.

Data Scraping With R : DisneyPlusID Vs NetflixID Tweets

Scraping Data Using R: A Comparison of DisneyPlusID vs. NetflixID Tweets

To access further details, please click here.

Financial Modelling – Forecasting and Actual Interactive Dashboard

Comprehensive Financial Analysis, Scenario Planning and Forecastting :

Enhanced with Interactive Visualization Dashboard

Automatic Personal and Business Financial Planning (Budget vs Actual)

A fully automated and smoothly integrated link paired with a menu button, engaging visual representation, and a succinct summary of essential takeaways. Crafting personal finance budgets and plans for both short and long-term goals.

Tableau Visualization

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