About Me

Born to be random, up and down, happy and fear. Im Septi Saraswati, wife of my beloved husband A. Chandra Pramudya. After a long time, I try to write again, to live in my life, my imagination and face all of fears. This place is about how my mind  works. I will write and tell story about everything such as cozy place that I visited, story about my life, tell my opinion about everything around me, knowledge that i’ve been get i.e economic, accounting, bussines, and the other random thing.

Before visit my web, please open your mind. I never force people to read my web, to understand what I explain in this web or to feel sympathy to me. The web content and way I present it will very random. welcome to my world !!!!

I try to present good thing, no sad thing, maybe little my “fear” things. Always try to learn and change to be better person.



Yess, maybe sometime you will confuse when you read my web. But dont worry I will not hurt other people cz normal people will never hurt other people right?

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