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Taylor Swift’s Music: Enhancing Your Mood?

Taylor Swift has 33.2 billion streams and 58.4 million monthly listeners, making her the Top 10 greatest artist in Spotify history. Taylor Swift fans come from all over the world and eagerly await the release of her new album every year. To understand Taylor Swift fans via song characters, I analyze multiple variables. Here is […]

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Python Interactive Dashboard

Python interactive dashboard. This post will explain the process of creating an interactive dashboard using Python. For analysis and visualization requirements, I’ve utilized a startup layoff percentage dataset obtained from Kaggle. If you want to get the dataset, you can find it here. In this post, I only focus on explaining the Python code we’ll […]

Data Analysis Knowledge

Startup Layoff Percentage: Unveiling Trends and Insights

Startup Layoff phenomenon extends across diverse industries. The current business ecosystem is becoming more dynamic as more startups appear. Startups are the key draw for people pursuing professions due to their comparatively higher growth rates than those of more established businesses. But the adoption of daring ideas, rapid growth, and innovation are typically associated with […]

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