Takeaways from the negotiation class and how It brings impact to my life

Takeaways from the negotiation

Takeaways from the negotiation class and how It brings impact to my life

I get a lot of new insight from the negotiation class. The problem identification, the goals, and the control emotions are really needed to consider. The takeaways from the negotiation will bring a positive impact on my life. Here are my takeaways from the negotiation class during my MBA :

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  1. Preparation before negotiating. 

During the negotiation class, I realize that do preparation is an important step to get the best negotiation result. I learn about negotiation objectives for my side, the reason why I negotiate, so I can make some strategic plan or step to achieve the deals. Furthermore, research about the opponent’s situations and objectives related to this negotiation. The preparation helps me to decide on all possible issues, offers, and counteroffers during negotiation.

  • Control emotional practice.

I learn a lot about how to control our emotions during the negotiation role-play practice in the class. The role-play give me an understanding of how to make a deal in negotiation for the company purpose, so I can avoid being emotional because the negotiation is not about my interest. Sometimes I encounter the other syndicate group who starts the negotiation with excessive emotions that cause tension, I try to calm down the situation but the opponent still not listening. It is one of my challenges to control emotion, did not get carried away by the situation, and lead the discussion to the main topic. Negotiation is about two or more parties got their goals together or a win-win solution, therefore high tension or unimportant emotion will harm all parties.

Learn the background

  • Research and understand the culture or character of the opposite.

When I do the role-play on multicultural party cases, I learn that knew the culture and characteristics of the opponent and the place where the result of the negotiation will be done is crucial things. Sometimes the different characters and cultures make the negotiation hard to find a deal, moreover for business purposes. We should adjust our point of view to knew how to deal with an opponent with a different culture.

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  • Identify unequal value and make it our offering.

According to my point of view, we should know our best alternative to a negotiated (BANA) deal and our goal. Identify our and their strength and weakness compared to the opponent on the negotiation, therefore we can trade the unequal value and formulate the best offering to the opponent. When we knew our strength and their weakness, the deal will be easier to do. However, we should not reveal our weakness to our opponent because it will an unfavorable result for our side.

Set your goals

  • To achieve our goals, we should not just focus on our ego. 

The class negotiation gives me a lot of insight into my personal or professional life. Sometimes I use my ego to get the goals, especially in financial terms. I used to push the condition to get high profit with the low cost, but there are other things that I should consider. When we negotiate, the long-term goals are more important than just for the moment. The negotiation with other parties brings us to other opportunities, a good business relationship, sustainable business, and profit, and optimize the opponent strength to cover our weakness while we still get the advantage. In my conclusion, the negotiation should result in the best deals for all parties without weakens our position.

I hope that my takeaways from the negotiation class will attract the other to learn about this topic.

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